Agile is a family of value, ideas, principles and practices that have emerged over the last decade into a lightweight methodology ideally suited to helping development teams deliver business value in the face of rapidly changing requirements. We're particularly interested in the application of Agile principles to the world of web operations.

Articles on Agile

  1. Building a Devops team

    As Devops grows in popularity and more and more organisations and teams are beginning to think about how they can start to apply some of the ideas and principles the movement advocates, a question that is often asked is "How do I build a Devops team?". Brian Henerey, manager of operations engineering in the online technology group at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has succeeded, and in this article reveals how he did it.

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  2. Kanban for Sysadmin

    Last night I popped into the Extreme Tuesday Club (XTC) for the first time in ages. I got into a conversation with Katherine Kirk from the BBC about Kanban, which made me realise I've been using Kanban for over 18 months. Back in 2009 I wrote an article on Kanban for Sysadmin which was published on the excellent Sysadvent calendar. Reading it back now, I still think it's highly relevant! Last night's conversation prompted me to republish it here.

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  3. Devopsdays Day 1 (part one)

    Devopsdays is a day old. I can honestly say that it's been one of the most engaging and enriching conferences I've ever been to, and we're only half way through. In addition to excellent talks by Rachel Davies on non-fuctional requirements, Lindsay Holmwood on Cucumber-Nagios, and a thrilling new 'submarine project' on rethining monitoring for the cloud, and Teyo Tyree from Reductive Labs on Building Agile Infrastructures with Puppet, we had a super 'Open Spaces' session.

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